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Eastern Snow
Lyngbyvej 11, 1. Sal, Lokale 1
2100 København Ø
Tfn:: 70230240
FREERIDE IN THE EAST EXPERIENCE POWDER OUT OF THE ORDINARY WITH EASTERN SNOW Freeride in the east with Eastern Snow is an adventure that goes outside the traditional borders. A trip where groups as well as solo travelers gather around a common passion: Freeride in spectacular off-piste surroundings. Whether the concept is Catski, Heliski or at a traditional ski resort, you are a part of a group of people who gather for one or more weeks around joint activities during the day and common meals in the evening. In our opinion, the experience is more fun with others and who knows, maybe it can lead to new friendships. True to our spirit of working outside the conventional framework our focus is on Freeride activity in Russia, the Kaukasus and Central Asia. We are paving the way for exploring a great Freeride potential in this part of the world. Freeride is certainly not new in Eastern Europe, but from a western perspective these destinations are unexplored. We believe the time is ripe to show the way to the new freeride destinations.

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